Teak Shower Bench Ideas

Oct 2nd

Shower bench is wonderful for bathroom remodeling. Wooden shower bench is a good choice and teak bath stool can make a fine choice among all designs. There are different kinds of teak shower seats that each one of them has its very own features. You can call them teak shower stools, teak shower chairs or teak shower benches. You can also compare the quality of teak wood shower bench with other materials like cedar wood or even tile.


Choosing to have the space saver bench is cool especially to maximize the comfort. Whether built in or shower seats wall mounted or movable designs, you will find all possible choices in the market today. Many great things about teak shower bench like warm and comfortable. Easy to clean is another wonderful values of teak wood as material for the shower bench.

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Teak Shower Bench Types

Square and rectangular shaped can be placed against the shower wall or even the corner. Built-in shelf underneath the seat can be used as storage or place for your legs when showering. Whether curved or straight seated, the choice is yours to make.

Do you want to maximize the shower space? Triangle shaped is best one. You can place it in the corner of the shower. The end of this bench shape is compact to make sure about perfect placement.

Folding teak shower benches feature great values for small bathrooms too. You can unfold when about to use and fold when not using it.

Benches with adjustable legs are popular today. Mostly, wood and metal are combined in the designs. Stainless steel and aluminum legs with teak bench seat are a great combination. The design allows adjustable height so that to meet your preferences.

Built-in shower bench made of teak suits elders and handicapped. Teak wood shower bench gives warm feeling with less cold which also clinical.

Do you have a bath tub? So that to sit comfortably when showering, you should have to make sure in having the right bench type specifically! Teak shower transfer bench can be the right choice. 24 inches tubs are most common, it is recommended to choose 26 inches wide of the bench. This will make sure about anti slip quality.

How to Take Care of Teak Shower Bench

Moisture is unavoidable when it comes to shower. To make sure that your teak wood bench, taking care of it can be done is simple steps. Check these out!

Each time after using the bench, just wipe it down. This is meant so that no mildew and mold are formed. In how to maintain teak wood furniture including bench, warm water and white distilled vinegar can be used using a spray bottle.

For already visible mildew and mold, it is best medicine to use baking soda paste. Just apply it with a mixture of waters in a few tablespoons. Thicker paste can be made using water more.

It is not recommended to use bleaching in the cleaning process of teak wood. Warm water and mild soap can be used to completely wipe away both mildew and mold. Just let it dry by air.

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